We use the Matterport 3D Scanner

Rates are

3D Virtual Tour (Immersive Matterport Scan) including... Dollhouse, Virtual Tape Measure, Birds Eye Layout
$149 up to 1,500 sq. ft Then 5 cents per foot after

Sample.. House is 3500 Sq. Feet (Including Basement, Garage, Attic etc.)

Price is $249  ($149 for the first 1,500 sq. ft. + .05 x 2,000 sq. ft = $100.  Total = $249)

Hosting is included for the 1st year. $20 Annual hosting fee thereafter

* 2D Black + White Floor Plans included in all packages 

* Minimum scan price is $149 - Scan radius is 15 Miles from Skokie, IL

Other Service

Stand alone Black and White Floor plans $149 up to 2,500 sq. ft Then 3.5 cents per foot after

Please call Arlyn @ 773-370-0003 or realtortratt@gmail.com